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    At the end of 14th street on the north end of Amelia Island, Florida, there is a set of warehouses known to locals as the "Pogy Plant". It was once used to process a little fish known as the Pogy for fertilizer and fish oil. Nowadays, nearly 50 years later, these buildings are now the home of many small businesses, including Northend Cabinetry.  
    David Perry is the owner and operator of Northend Cabinetry. He is also a proud Fernandina Beach resident since age 17; his family fell in love with the town and relocated after just a few visits. David is an alumni of Fernandina Beach High School and remains rooted and involved in his community.  He balances his work life by biking, fishing, and kayaking in the Intracoastal Waterway, or cooking Asian-inspired dishes. He loves travelling; his favorite adventures being Alaska, Mexico, and Holland. Growing up, David's father was in the construction business. Now David brings over 20 years of experience in the same industry to his customers. He also brings a passion for creating beautiful cabinetry and custom furniture for all spaces and needs. He is inspired by his surroundings and let's each space drive his designs.

    David enjoys finding new and exciting ways to source unique materials for his projects. Examples of his most recent mediums are an exquisite heart pine dredged from the bottom of the St. Mary's River

and a black walnut from Iowa.

    Northend Cabinetry is proud to exclusively serve Amelia Island- for inquiries, please submit a quick message in the contact form below.



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